Monday, November 8, 2010

2 weeks of being 'Single Parent' ( Temporarily)

I casually suggested to my dear hubby to take a two weeks break in between job. Giving him all the 'plus' benefits taking his adventure of his lifetime solely..... soon it's became a task that he longed to do. Started planning for it in & day out he did his research on  the place he wanted to visited badly.
But still undecisive after two weeks....sigh!

Frustrated that he had one hundred and one places that he wants to visit, i barged in to make the decision for him to go Shanghai, Hangzhou & Nanjing. I know deep inside  he love all the places very much due to history, the local culture and feng shui aspect of it.

The consequences that i have to face for letting my dear husband travel alone.....  well i am solely responsible for Megan for 2 weeks. Not only i have to make sure Megan and i are in the best of health , must also planned for the activities to do during the long weekend alone with her without a break .

It may sound easy to some mother but to be it's a challenges especially that i am a working mother, i cooked daily and does the house chores and on top of that being a 'temporarily single parent for two weeks.
 Mind you.... i love Megan to pieces but it's not easy job to raise a kid alone even for two weeks.

I saluted all " single parent" out there. You are one tough cookie.
Regardless what people think of you, you will always have my utmost respect and understanding.

Now my only wish is to have my dear husband back with us .Not to mentioned, i missed him dearly.

So if you are reading this, pls know that you are badly needed back home by your daughter and wife!

Pls come home happy, relax and filled with experiences to shared with us .....

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