Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haze, Haze....Go Away and Never Come Back Again!

Singapore is badly hit by hazy since last week. Boy....the hazy is so thick that you think you are living in the moutain covered by mist. No joke..... even my little princess asked me "why the sky is like". Her face looks so puzzled that the haze has not cleared off even with the few rounds of  heavy rain.

 You see i have struggled to keep her indoor for the last few days after school.She doesn't understand why it so hazy and why our neighbouring country is not taking serious measures to control the 'forest fire'.

There are 202 ‘hotspots’ in Sumatra, indicating where Indonesian farmers and plantation companies had set fires to clear large swathes of forests to get the land ready for the crop-planting season.

The Pollutants Standards Index (PSI), measured in three-hourly slots, stood at 84 between 5pm and 8pm, which put the air quality in the moderate range. It fell back to 61 by 11pm. As at 9pm on Wednesday 20/Oct, the PSI had risen to 71. Readings of between 50 and 100 mean moderate air quality.NEA said in a release on Tuesday night that the haze is expected to persist over the next couple of days.

OMG! Another couple of days, i ran out of reasons to explain to Megan....to why i have kept her indoor after school for the past weeks.

I worried what will happen to 'Mother Earth' if measurement is not made soon.
My one penny worth of suggestion that all nations regardless nationality, races, belief and gender should come together as 'ONE' to find alternative ways to solve the 'forest fire'. Example: ASEAN can come up with a incentive programmes, if the 'Forest Fire' is minimise to let's say 20 per year, then the country will be given 'X amount' of money as incentive to curb the issue. What is money if we do not have 'Mother Earth'?

 With the change in climate and the melting of polar ice caps, our future generations will made to bear the consequences what we did to 'Mother Earth'. They are not even born or have live in the world.....why must they suffer or bear the consequences!!!

Think about it!
Is there anything we can do at home to play a small role in preserving 'Mother Earth'?

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  1. Sorry to know that the haze attack is this horrifying at your place. Hope that it will go away soon.

    Meanwhile, take more fluids, Vit C and stay indoor as much as possible.

    Yes. there is a lot of thing we can do as individual to preserve Mother Earth no matter how tiny it is, starting from our home and using Tupperware is a good start! :)