Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tired Working Mum............

 It's been a awful busy week plus i am required to work this Saturday for the quarter end closing......Sigh!

During this time every quarterly, i am seriously considering to switch my 'power suit' to a less stressful job as a 'home maker' full time. I bet the being a 'SAHM' will be as challenging as ever but the reward of seeing your family and child happy and healthy is priceless.

Nothing beats spending precious time with your love ones. And lets not forget, having time to get the things you wish you had the time to do but haven't found time in your busy working life, done is also rewarding.

Believe me i have try many times to improve my 'time management' but stumble and fall down so often. Till today, i am still finding ways to solve my issue of 'time management' and 'balancing my work and my family'

Everyday i undergo so many roles, as a daugther,sister,girlfriend, wife, mother, good friend and colleague.Just say,if any of my roles have just 'one issue' each.... you can imagine i will be running like a mad person solving each issue without having any time thinking of the things i wanted to do but have not gotten time to do it.
There 101 things that i wish i had the time and strength to do. Like doing up my 'princess bedroom', backpacking to an exotic locations for a couple of weeks,go on trips with my family, re-deco the house.....the lists is endless.

Fellow is not long or short, but striking a balance in work and family life seems impossible to me now.Maybe i have not grown wiser as i aged each day but one thing for sure, my family is my 'whole world' eventhough i might seems very career oriented women.


  1. Hey LL!
    Wish you a great week ahead and looking forward to your future posts!

  2. You too have a great week.
    Hope my posting is of some interest to you :-)