Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Turning 4th In 2 weeks Time!

 Omg !!!!
My baby will be turning 4th in Oct 18!
It's been 4 years ....we been through a lot of ups and downs together as a family.

I can still remember clearly that 'fine' day when i found out that i was pregnant with Megan.
We couldn't believe what we saw on the pregnancy kit that we went out to the pharmancy to buy another kit just to make sure that the result are the same.
It was really funny to see the reaction on our faces.

We were jumping in joy and some tears of happiness rolled down on our cheeks.
Well that was 4 years and 9 months ago :-)

Having you grow in my tummy was the best thing i have ever experience.
It  was an easy pregnancy and i was amazed on how i like the idea of being pregnant.
My hair was shinning, my face was glowing and i was so cheerful almost all the time.
It's seem like i was in 'heaven'.
I have you to thanked for being so understanding and sweet.

My darling princess, Megan will be turning 4 soon......
What are my thoughts on it?

Of course i am's once in the life time that Megan celebrate her 4th birthday.
 I even started to prepare the birthday goodies bags three months before 'The Birthday' and  making sure that the child care center is notified to celebrate Megan 4th birthday.

She even received advance presents from her 'Yee Ma' , po po,daddy & me.
Keeping her from opening her presents is very challenging. Each day i have to come up with various  reasons why she should not open her present yet.

Eventhough my little princess will be turning one year older and hopefully wiser, she will always be my 1st born baby gal.

Regardless what might happen in the future, she will remains sacred and precious deep inside my heart.
"Happy Birthday My Sweet Heart"


  1. Time flies! It still feel like just yesterday when we are still in school and having a blast of time in the canteen.. and now are are moms ... and Megan is going to be 4!

  2. Live now is so much happier wit our precious around us.Belle is the youngest....and thn follow by Annson which is already 3 year came Megan and our BIG brother Sean, he's 5 already. Happy Birthday Megan!

    From, Aunty Grace,Sean and Annson.

  3. Yeah.... time flies so quickily.In the blink of the eye, 4 years has passed.

    Time to rethink what have i done in the last 4 years for myself! Maybe i have not pamper myself enough or maybe i have not work hard enough to get a sibling for Megan.

    Haha....there are so many 'But' and 'Maybe' in life. There will never be enough to cater to human's need and wants.

    Just live today to the fullest and never turn back to regret what we never do in the past.